Big on Style

For the last 15 years I have specialised in plus size fashion.  I dress everybody from celebrities to mother of the bride to the mum on the school run and I LOVE WHAT I DO.  I have learnt simple styling rules and some nifty tricks along the way and I would like to share them with you.

I help women look their very best and more importantly feel good about themselves.  Its not easy being bigger and often its for lots of reasons. The high street is not your hunting ground as it doesn’t offer you the same range of choice that it offers a stereotypical sized woman.  You need to be more selective as to what shapes flatter and fit you.  Finding a selection of clothes to do this is not easy – as I’m sure you are already aware.

I’m a bigger lady myself and when I used to go on shopping trips with my slimmer friends, they never realised why I was not buying anything other than shoes or accessories.  It simply didn’t occur to them that the main shopping destinations do not cater for me.  I was used to it and they were, and still are, totally unaware of this fact today.  I used to watch as they played around in fitting rooms asking if their size 12 arse looked big in something.  I held there coats and offered warm and supportive compliments – all genuine – but I longed for the same dimension of choice that they had.  They could dismiss items at a whim.  I needed to be more careful because if I found something that worked for me I was aware that their wasn’t 20 other options hanging on the rails – so if the colour was not quite what I was looking for but the look was right – it was in the basket and on its way to the till.  In other words I made do.

I developed a thyroid condition when I was 30 and my weight steadily increased. At 47 I’m now a size 22.  Childbirth and the enjoyment of life have taken their toll on my body and no matter what I do – I stay the same.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure if I really really tried I could lose weight and tone up but I have seen so many ladies lose tons of weight only to return to their original size and bigger within a relatively short space of time.  I am what I am and I am more than happy with that.  I look at me as a whole –  and do you know what – there is more to me than my size.  And my size – dressed with what I know – is more than fine too!

So many retailers and fashion experts give lip service to plus size fashion.  I am sick to death of plus size being classed as a size 18 when the reality is that this is where plus size actually starts not finishes!  How many times have you got excited about an item of clothing that is described a plus size to find it stops at a size 18.  In our lovely curvy world a size 18 is small – it’s our equivalent to a size 10 in skinny heaven.

The next generation of plus size lovelies do seem to have more choice than we did but most of this is not aimed at me and doesn’t work for me at my age.  I don’t feel comfortable in mini skirts and showing everything off. Don’t get me wrong it looks good on them and I love that they have a different attitude to fashion than I did at their age – but it’s not what I’m looking for. Well not anymore anyway.

I want to look young but not silly.  I want to feel good but not conscious of myself.  I don’t care if hot pants and big bows at the neck are in – I’m not wearing them.  I need a different approach.  I want to be on trend but I no longer crave trendy.  I love being the age I am, I no longer worry about the same things I once did and the trivial stays as just that. I am more confident and self assured, yet I feel – as a group of women – we are overlooked.  Over 50% of the population is a size 16 or larger but 95% of fashion is centred around the small sizes.  Lets have some fun and let me help you on your fashion journey.  If this is for you read on.  If not I bid you a fond farewell.

I have spent years in this industry and seen so many body shapes and sizes and dealt with the complications of surgery and age that you can truly ask me anything.  In my next blog I’m going to start with the basics and talk about body shapes and what works for you.  I have never blogged before and don’t really know how it all works – but what I do know is plus size fashion – I know all the brands and where to find them. What looks good and what doesn’t – let’s put curvy on the map and have some fun doing it.  Are you with me?